From multi-platinum artist to franchise owner of a dog kennel, Kirko Bangz is ahead of his time

As well as being a legend in hip hop, Kirko Bangz is now the mastermind behind APR Dawg Hize, with the most coveted bloodline in the kennel industry.

Houston native Kirko Bangz has cemented his name in the hip hop community. His style set him apart from the crowd and made him a fan favorite as an artist with talent, versatility and limitless potential. His catalog includes hits like “Drank In My Cup” and the classic “What Yo Name Iz”. Kirko Bangz has carved out a successful mainstream career in the music industry, but where others may limit their ambition, he has chosen to seek even greater recognition.


As of 2021, Kirko Bangz founded his company APR Dawg Hize to make his mark in the lucrative dog breeding industry. As his status in music rose to dominance, so did APR Dawg Hize. Today, his business has grown into a Texas-wide franchise and continues to grow in popularity. Among the premium American Bully puppies bred at APR Dawg Hize’s facility in Houston, Texas, Dagger, main stud of Kirko Bangz, is the pinnacle of the Bully bloodline. Imported from China with a price tag that reflects its high value, the bloodline has become the most sought after in the industry.

Kirko Bangz started with the vision to create a first class American Bully with an exceptional bloodline and he has even exceeded such a high standard. APR Dawg Hize’s passion for dogs is the foundation of a legacy that is sure to last a lifetime. Kirko Bangz is currently hosting a 6-city tour, visiting his kennels in Houston (July 17), Las Vegas (August 20), Tampa (September 10), Miami (October 21), Phoenix (June 5). November) and Los Angeles (December 3).

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