The Importance Of An Asbestos Inspection

Asbestos, a fibrous silicate mineral, is a mineral. It was used as a building and construction material for a variety reasons that include its resistance to fire, heat and chemicals. It was a popular choice until it was realized that it caused health risks. Inhaling asbestos fibres can trigger mesothelioma and lung cancer. Both are deadly diseases. The presence of asbestos can be identified in Brisbane properties by a thorough inspection by a team of experienced experts.

Asbestos Inspection Brisbane are essential for anyone who is considering purchasing an investment property. They help you assess the risks prior to buying and plan your renovations accordingly. This will save you money and protect your family against the dangers of exposure to dangerous materials.

The first step of conducting an asbestos inspection is a thorough walkthrough of the property. The team will look at every part of the property that can be accessed. This process may take a while, but it is crucial to be thorough to ensure that you don’t miss any parts of the property. This is especially true for sub-floors and crawl spaces because they can contain large amounts of moisture, which could lead to fungal decay and timber pests like termites.

After the inspection is completed after which the team will identify any asbestos containing materials and then take samples for laboratory testing. This step is essential to determine the exact nature and amount of asbestos in the property. The results of the test will be summarized into a simple report. The report will also include an assessment of whether asbestos can be safely removed by a B Class licensed asbestos remover.

Remember that in Queensland, it is illegal to move or disturb asbestos-containing materials without required permits and notifications. Employing the wrong tools and methods could release asbestos-containing fibres into the atmosphere and cause devastating health effects.

A thorough asbestos inspection and sampling is a vital part of any building or demolition project. It is crucial to ensure the safety of those working on construction and provides peace of mind about the building’s safety. Asbestos inspections are a legal requirement for commercial buildings built prior to 2004.

QBM is a certified and trained professionals who are fully licensed to conduct thorough asbestos inspections and sample a range of different materials. Our team is supported by NATA accredited laboratories, which guarantee that asbestos tests are conducted according to the required legislation procedures. Contact us today to schedule an asbestos inspection at your Brisbane office or at your home. We can accommodate flexible and convenient appointment times, so that you can schedule the inspection into your schedule.

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