Typical Commercial Roofing Duties

Commercial Roofer in Detroit, MI provide a wide range of roofing services for business and industrial facilities. This includes installation and repair of flat and sloped commercial roofs. Commercial roofers have to understand the unique needs of businesses and their properties.

Typical commercial roofing duties include inspecting, repairing and replacing commercial roofs which are leaking or have failed. They also remove and install old roofs. They may specialize with different types, such shingles, rubber or metal roofing systems,

They are also responsible for making sure that they follow safety codes and procedures, such as using glazing, cement or caulking to prevent water leakage and rust. They may use a variety of tools to complete their job, including ladders and jackhammers.Use attention to detail, manual strength and dexterity as common skills. These skills allow them to finish their jobs quickly and safely. They must have the ability to climb a step ladder, move equipment and materials from one place to another, and work in a team.

The commercial roofing industry is very similar to the residential roofing industry, except that commercial buildings require more durable materials that can withstand the harsher environment of commercial property. Roofs for commercial buildings can be made of a variety materials, including asphalt shingles and concrete. Other options include clay tiles, slates, metal, and plastics. These materials are more durable than residential roofing materials and are therefore a popular option for commercial buildings. These materials come in a wide range of colors and patterns, which allows for custom options. You should hire a commercial contractor who has a proven track record of quality work. You can find this out by reviewing the portfolio of the roofer and looking at references from clients who have had similar projects. Ask about the warranty on their work.

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