The Profs Online Tutoring – WINNER of the 2022 National Tutoring Awards

With top-notch results in the Tutors’ Association National Tutoring Awards 2022 – Profs’ online tutoring platform is recognized as the best online tutoring in the UK

The Prof’s tutors, an online tutoring site that provides quality tuition for students from Key Stage 3, GCSE and A-level through to university admissions, under/postgraduate level and professional exams – and his tutors – were multiple category winners at the 2022 National Tutoring Awards.

Tutor Awards Winner: Best Online Tutor, Professional Tutor of the Year, Best University Level Tutor and Best Customer Support

That Best teaching business for customer support The award reflects The Profs’ Tutors’ long-standing commitment to quality customer service, providing the information parents and students are looking for, and leaving highly satisfied reviews. The company recently celebrated its the UK’s top rated tutoring platform on TrustPilot for the sixth year running with a score of 4.9 out of 5 based on more than 1,200 reviews from students, parents and tutors.

The Profs Online Tutoring – WINNER of the 2022 National Tutoring Awards

Best tutor at university level

Profs’ tutors were among the most honored of the evening. DR. Jack Bartleywho has taught over 2,000 hours at The Profs, won the award for Best tutor at university level.

Best Online Tutor and Professional Tutor of the Year

dr Keely Jo Frasca won Best online tutor and the People’s Choice Award for Professional Tutor of the Year

Founder of The Profs, one of the best online tutoring sites, Dr. Richard Evans:

“It’s an honor to be named Best Tutoring Company for Customer Care at the National Tutoring Awards this year and to be among the best in the tutoring industry,” said Richard. “Our online tutoring business model has always been to prioritize quality in everything we do, from customer service to the support provided by our private tutors. Over the past few years we have seen this translate into life changing results for our tutoring students and well paying, sustainable and respected career paths for our online tutors. I am so incredibly proud of everything The Profs has achieved as a company and has grown into what I believe is now one of the UK’s best online tutoring platforms and that success will only continue.”

Best online tutor of the year, award winner Dr. Keely Jo Frasca:

“I’m thrilled to have won two National Tutoring Awards from The Tutors’ Association… A big thank you to the team at The Profs for… introducing me to the most wonderful tutoring clients in the last five years. What started as a small part-time job has grown into the unimaginable – so far over 2700 online tutoring hours and 120 tutoring customers. Many thanks to my friends, colleagues and students from Birkbeck and my former universities … I am infinitely grateful!”

Tutor Awards runner-up: Best Secondary Teacher, Professional Tutor of the Year and Best Tutor at University Level

The tutoring company The Profs from Great Britain also came runner up for the People’s Choice Award for Best Study Businessvoted for by students, UK online tutors and other members of the tutoring industry.

Best Secondary Teacher

dr Claire Chivers was runner-up for best secondary teacher

Professional Tutor of the Year and Best Tutor at University Level

Dr Jack Bartley became runner-up for the Professional Tutor of the Year award and dr Keely Jo Frasca was runner-up for best university-level tutor. The dissemination of The Profs at the Tutor Awards results suggests that parents, students and professionals can find some of the best online tutors available on The Profs tutoring platform.

About the Profs tutors

The Profs is an award-winning online tutoring company that has been providing world-class tutoring and online tutors to students around the world for many years. The company has facilitated more than 250,000 hours of instruction for more than 10,000 students in more than 50 countries while maintaining a focus on customer service and the support of its private tutors. Leading world and UK tutors who work with The Profs regularly leave good reviews and rank it as one of the best online tutoring companies to work for in the UK.

By continually investing in the industry’s best talent and supporting them with world-class educational technology, including the BitPaper whiteboard, The Profs has created one of the UK’s best online tutoring websites and home for private tutors. The Profs have empowered their tutors to do what they do best with a top tutoring platform: Tutor!

Profs’ private tutors have also achieved top results for their students in online tutoring. 81% of the students who take advantage of the tutoring achieved an improvement in grades in their final exams thanks to the collaboration with the private tutors of The Profs.

Parents can rest assured that the learning support their children receive when they work with The Profs’ affordable online tutoring service for – Key Stage 3, GCSE, A-Level and all other secondary school and college levels – will deliver significantly better results than many of the other tutoring websites in the homeschooling marketplace.

Some of the most popular subjects for online tutoring are Math, Economics, Finance, Law, Thesis, University Admissions, English, English Literature, Computer Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics; although all academic subjects are considered at all study levels.

In total, 97% of their students go to their first or second choice university as a result of The Profs private university admission online tutoring sessions. The Oxbridge acceptance rate for profs is also 55%, more than three times the national average for all students.. Clearly, as the results and reviews confirm, working online with The Profs tutors has a very good chance for college candidates to achieve a top spot.

About dr Richard Evans, founder of The Profs Tutors

The founder of The Profs, Dr. Richard Evans, has dedicated his career to bringing the (online) tutoring industry closer together and has been instrumental in many of the industry’s largest collaborations between the leading online tutoring websites, including Love Tutoring Festival and The Crunch.

Richard also co-founded the TTA (now Community Hubs) online event series and created the first Tutoring Corporate Forum, bringing together 24 leading tutoring companies providing these services.

As an education expert, he is regularly consulted by major media publications for his help and advice, comments and opinions on a range of education and parenting issues, notably online tutoring in the UK, for editorial articles written for UK parents and students.

The Profs have won numerous UK business and industry awards including those from the Department of Education, Forbes, Education Investor, NatWest and the Federation of Small Businesses.

About the Tutors’ Association National Tutoring Awards

The National Tutoring Awards is an annual celebration of the best companies and individual tutors in the tutoring industry. It is run by the Tutors’ Association, the only professional membership organization in the UK for tutoring and the wider area of ​​supplementary education.

A complete list of winners of the Teacher Awards 2022 is available on the Tutors Association website.

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